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2019-9-18·Function of economiser in thermal power plant is to recover some of the heat from the heat carried away in the flue gases up the chimney and utilize for heating the feed water to the boiler. It is simply a heat ex-changer with hot flue gas on shell side and water on tube side with extended heating surface like Fins or Gills.

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A common application of economizers in steam power plant is to capture the waste heat from boiler stack gases (flue gas) and transfer it to the boiler feedwater. This raises the temperature of the boiler feedwater, lowering the needed energy input, in turn reducing the firing rates needed for the rated boiler output.

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Exhaust gas boiler (EGB or EGE) or economiser described in this article is a smoke tube boiler with steam space, used for heat recovery from main engine exhaust gas. An illustration of the boiler is shown in figure below. The exhaust gas boiler is designed as a vertical boiler with a cylindrical shell surrounding the boiler tubes and water drum

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2019-8-27·The steel H and Double H economiser allows efficient heat recovery from flue gas streams on boilers fired with PF, Whether its a new build project or a retrofit Clyde Bergemann can engineer a highly efficient, robust, long lasting energy recovery surface to suit your needs.

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2012-5-31·Use of Non-Condensing Economizer on a Boiler 2 Exhibit 2: Components of a boiler economizer installation (Courtesy Spirax Sarco) Boiler operating conditions This includes boiler (steam) pressure in psig, flue gas and combustion air temperatures in °F, oxygen percentage (on dry basis) in flue gases, and boiler

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An economiser is a heat exchanger that uses the residual energy of the flue gases to heat feed water. The economiser is installed on the flue-gas side between the steam boiler and the chimney. On the water-side, the economiser is installed on the boiler feed pump and the pressure vessel.

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(The Steam Boiler Economizer)/Fuel consumption when thermal efficiency is 86% is (calculated according to natural gas calorific value of 10600kcal

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Boiler Economiser Definition: Boiler Economiser ( Sometimes Called Economizer ) is the Energy improving device that helps to reduce the cost of operation by saving the fuel.. The economizer in Boiler tends to make the system more energy efficient.. In boilers, economizers are generally Heat Exchangers which are designed to exchange heat with the fluid, generally water.


The basic construction type of the steam boiler as a flue and smoke-tube boiler has been maintained since the market launch in 1951. Due to the integration of a superheater, superheated steam can be produced as required. Fuel use is increased by means of secondary heating surfaces, such as economisers, flue gas condensers and air preheaters.

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2019-9-7·A boiler or steam generator is a device used to create steam by applying heat energy to water.Although the definitions are somewhat flexible, it can be said that older steam generators were commonly termed boilers and worked at low to medium pressure (72,000 kPa or 1290 psi) but, at pressures above this, it is more usual to speak of a steam generator.

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